Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Session at West Valley, 2012

Class begins January 3rd with all work submitted by January 25th.

All enrolled students must email me between Dec 30th and January 2nd to confirm their planned participation for this class. Any student who has NOT contacted me by 6 pm on Monday night, January 3rd may be dropped to make room for a wait listed student. If you are enrolled but not planning to participate in the class, be drop ASAP. Both the class and the wait list are full (with enough interested students for 2 sections) so your consideration is greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that, although I may drop any student who has not confirmed attendance, it is the students responsibility to drop the course if they are not planning to attend.

Wait listed students should also email me between 12/30 and 1/2 to request an add code. I will provide these as quickly as possible, dependent on drops/class capacity. Any student who cannot be added to the wait list but who would like to be added should also email me during these dates.

Please keep in mind that this is a RIGOROUS course. Students taking this class over 4 weeks usually do best if they have a couple of hours/day for participation. We cover the same amount of material as covered during a traditional semester. It is suggested that you have the book ASAP. You can preview the first chapter for free at the publishers website. Below is the course schedule. Also, the previous post included orientation videos for the class.

If you have any other questions, please do email me at my nutritionrusso gmail address.

Week One Assignment Block 1

All quizzes, VFT1, CNA1 & D1 due 1/8, at 11:55 pm
Read Syllabus
Chapter 1: An Overview of Nutrition Chapter 2: Planning a Healthy Diet
Chapter 3: Digestion plus Chemistry (Appendix B: Covalent)
Chapter 4: Carbohydrates
Chapter 5: Lipids
Due: VFT1/CNA1 and Discussion 1 (3 posts)

Quiz Intro
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 3
Quiz 4
Quiz 5

Complete Three Day Food Diary/Analysis before end of Assignment Block 1 (see Lessons Page for Directions) and use for VFT/CNA1

Week Two Assignment Block 2

Ends Sat, 1/14

All quizzes, VFT2, CNA2 & D2 due 1/14, at 11:55 pm

Chapter 6: Proteins
Chapter 7: Metabolism
Chapter 14: Sports Nutrition
(2 chapters on Quiz 7)
Chapter 8: Energy Balance and Body Composition
Chapter 9: Weight Management:
(2 chapters on Quiz 8)

Due: VFT 2/CNA2 and Discussion 2 (3 posts)
Quiz 6
Quiz 7 (2 chapters)
Quiz 8 (2 chapters)

Due Saturday: Quizzes 6-8, VFT2/CNA2, D2: Due by 11:55 pm, Sat, 1/14

Week Three Assignment Block 3

Ends Fri, 1/20

All quizzes, VFT3, CNA3 & D3 due 1/20, at 11:55 pm
Chapter10: The Water-Soluble Vitamins
Chapter 11: Fat-Soluble Vitamins
(2 chapters on Quiz 9)
Chapter 12: Water and Major Min
Chapter 13: The Trace Minerals
(2 chapters on Quiz 10)
Chapter 15: Lifecycle Nutrition: Pregnancy and Lactation

Due: VFT 3/CNA3 and Discussion 3 (3 posts)
Quiz 9 (2 chapters)
Quiz 10 (2 chapters)
Quiz 11

Due Saturday: Quizzes 9-11, VFT3/CNA3, D3: Due by 11:55 pm, Fri, 1/20
Begin 3 day food record by end of week and analyze for CNA4

Week Four

Assignment Block 4

See different due dates! 1/21-1/26

VFT4, CNA4 & D4 due Wednesday, 1/25 at 11:55 pm!

All quizzes due by 11:55 pm Thurs, 1/26!
Chapter 16: Lifecycle Nutrition: Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence
Chapter 17: Lifecycle Nutrition: Adulthood and the Later Years
Chapter 18: Diet and Health
Chapter 19: Consumer Concerns about Food and Water

Due: VFT 4/CNA4 and Discussion 4 (3 posts)
Quiz 12
Quiz 13
Quiz 14
Quiz 15

Note Due Dates!
VFT4/CNA4, D4: Due by 11:55 pm, Wednesday, 1/25
Quizzes 12-15: Due by 11:55 pm, Thursday, 1/26
Final Grades posted for review/confirmation (in Angel) Friday, 1/27

Grading Scale
Quizzes: 140 points (10 points each, 2 lowest scores dropped)
Discussion/Participation: 40 points (4 Discussion blocks, up to 10 points each)
Virtual Field Trips/Computer Nutrient Analysis (VFT/CNAs): 120 points (4 at 30 pts each)

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