Sunday, August 26, 2007

Update West Valley: 8/26/2007

A new section of classes was added for the 32 students on the waitlist. That class, however, does not yet have an Angel classroom created for it. Please keep checking into Angel for when your class opens and then email me there. I am hopeful it will be up and running by Monday afternoon. I should be able to add students into some of these online sections (at West Valley) so please send me an email with your student id and full name, if that is your intent.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

On-Line Classes

Cabrillo Students: The online Fall nutrition course begins September 4th. Please attend the mandatory orientation at 7 pm on Thursday, September 6th, in room 425. Students who do not attend the orientation, without making prior arrangements, will be dropped from this class. Once school starts (September 4th), you can email me from within Web-CT (see side-bar for link).

West Valley Students: There is currently no orientation scheduled. You must ALL email me on August 27th to confirm your participation in the class or you risk being dropped from the course. You can email me within Angel Learning (check side-bar for link).

Please, all students in the online course, communicate with me via the email in our virtual classroom (WebCT for Cabrillo or Angel for West Valley) once the semester has begun.

IMPORTANT!!!! All online students must make contact with me the first day of class or you risk being dropped. The online classes are full, with long wait-lists and I must drop "no-shows" to make room for students who will be participating.

Thank you:)
Welcome to Nutrition with Denise Russo, MS RD CDE

This blog is designed to answer questions you might have about the various classes that I teach.

For the Fall, 2007 semester, I will be teaching the following:
Cabrillo College: CAHM 20-Nutrition: F2F (face-t0-face/traditional lecture) and on-line;
West Valley College: NS15-Nutrition: on-line, only.

All sections are an introductory nutrition class which explores the science of nutrition and how that applies to our every day lives. You can find information about required texts, office hours, suggested nutrition links and also, a littlet bit about me, along with how to contact me.
I hope this site will answer most of your questions. If you have other questions, you can email me, as well.

Nutrition with Denise Russo, MS RD CDE