Friday, January 8, 2010

Textbook for Spring, 2010

Online Learners will need the text book AND Diet Analysis Plus 9.0 access code. There is a free diet analysis program online but it is tedious, doesn't have all of the info (you will have to calculate) and requires that you enter your data at two sites. If you are going to choose that option (saves money), please use the ISBN code for the Face-to-Face class.

Bundled: Understanding Nutrition 12th ed AND Diet Analysis Plus:
ISBN-10: 1-111-114110 ISBN-13: 978-1-111-11411-4

Face-to-Face learners (MW and Hybrid):
Understanding Nutrition: Stand-alone:
ISBN-10: 0-538-73465-5 ISBN-13: 978-0-538-73465-3

Diet Analysis Plus 9.0 access code: stand alone (for those using an older or used text book. Word of caution...the 11th edition will work for the Face-to-Face class but may be missing information for the hybride and online learners).
ISBN-10:0-495-38788-6 ISBN-13:978-0-495-38788-6

Books can be purchased in the bookstore or online from the publisher at:

In addition, the publisher now RENTS the textbook as will the Cabrillo College Bookstore. Rentals from the textbook company always include a new textbook and can be done from the website above. If you are on a budget and usually sell books back, this is an excellent option.

Classes are all currently full. Please keep trying to register as students will drop from enrolled sections up to the start of school and I will add from the waitlist first. If you do not get a spot, you will need to email me on the first day of school to see if I have room.