Monday, February 6, 2012

Orientation Video: Cabrillo Online Learners

The following is a link to the orientation video created for the online class. It does start basic (with log-in info) but also goes over the course requirements. Please check out the video if you have any questions about class organization.

Also, all classes are FULL! They may not show up that way in Web Advisor as add codes are NOT working for many students but I have over-enrolled all classes. I will add students, as able, if other students drop the course this week.

Eat well, play fit,

Orientation Room and Time Change

Attention Cabrillo Online Learners:

The orientation is now in room 454 and, as noted previously, will start at 7 pm.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome Back Cabrillo

Cabrillo students return to school on Monday, Feb 6th. In order to prevent being dropped from a class, face-to-face students must attend the first day. Online students will need to attend the orientation on Monday night OR send me an email by 6 pm on 2/6 to let me know if you have a conflict. The orientation times has changed to start at 7 pm.

Please note that all classes will have a Blackboard component which is where you will find the syllabus (face-to-face students) or the Course Information folder (online students). I will not be bringing hard copies to class.

Access to Blackboard will occur by Monday morning and you can log in anytime to see what information is there for you.

I have sent a Welcome To Class email to all online learners and will send one to all to all face-to-face (F2F) students by Friday night. If you do not receive this email and you have an email address registered with the college, then send me an email (through Cabrillo's home page) so that I can make sure that I have your correct email address.

In the meantime, enjoy your last weekend off and happy Super Bowl.

Eat well, play fit,