Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Winter Session 2014
Welcome Back West Valley!

Welcome to winter session. I look forward to a session of learning about nutrition with you! Classes begin on 1/3 and end 1/26.  This 4-week (but really 3 week) course is INTENSIVE and covers all of the information and assignments found in a regular semester, with a little modification. Plan that each week of class is equal to 4+ weeks of a full-term class. On average, students report spending 10-30 hours per week on this class. The number one reason for dropping the course is the taking of more than one class while trying to work. Students consistently enjoy the material offered in the class and the organization of our classroom so, with the right study skills, I anticipate a fast 3 weeks of success and learning.

Our online classroom is now open and the syllabus and first discussion post are available, as is the Intro Quiz. All other items (for week 1) will become available the evening of January 2nd.  West Valley students enrolled in the class will need to post an introduction post on the discussion board by 11:55 pm, January 2nd or you may be dropped from the course to make room for a waitlisted student. Once all enrolled students confirm their spot (which is done by January 2nd), I will drop any "no-participation" and begin adding from the waitlist first. It is important, if you are wanting to be added, whether on the waitlist or not, that you email me the week before classes begin to request an add code. Those will be released, as available on 1/3 and 1/4. I also encourage students interested in adding to check the schedule daily as between now and then, enrolled students will drop which will move waitlisted students up into the class and make more room available on the waitlist. Please read this blog's sidebar for further information about the course, textbooks, etc.

In addition to encouraging you to clear your calendar to make time to study in the next 4 weeks, I highly recommend that you obtain the book this week. Delays in obtaining the book will prevent your success in this class. We are using the 13th edition. I have had several past students say that they used the 12th edition and felt that it provided them with most (although not all) of the required information (and I have seen students miss a few points, over the course of the entire semester, based on having the earlier version). The link I provide in my sidebar does provide the loose leaf book for a lower price (the lowest you will find when combined with the Diet Analysis Plus application) but shipping should be expedited as there is sometimes a delay in the processing of the order. If you order from Cengage, definitely select the option to add the free 14 day ebook. The link for the textbook purchase is http://www.cengagebrain.com/micro/cabrillonutrition and you want the bundled option at ~$118.

The winter course schedule follows:

Week One
Block 1

Ends Thursday 1/9
Released by 11:55 pm on ½ and due 1/9 at 11:55 pm
Assigned Reading and Associated Quiz
·       Read Syllabus (Quiz 1 Intro)
·       Chapter 1 & Highlight 10 (Quiz2)
·       Chapter 2 & Chapter 10 (B12 only), & Highlight 13 (Quiz 3)
·       Chapter 3 plus Appendix B (Covalent bonding) (Quiz 4)
·       Chapter 4 plus Chapter 13 (Chromium, only) (Quiz 5)
·       Chapter 5, & Chapter 11 (Vit E) (Quiz 6)
Assignment 1
Discussion 1
Due: 1/9
Quiz 1 (Intro)
Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Quiz 5

Quiz 6
Assignment 1 Discussion 1
Quizzes 1-6, Assignment1, D1Due by 11:55 pm Thursday, 1/9
Complete Three Day Food Diary/Analysis before end of Week 1 (see Lessons Page for Directions) and use for ALL Assignments

Week Two
Block 2

Ends Thursday 1/16
Released at 11:55 pm on 1/10 and due 1/16, at 11:55 pm
Assigned Reading and Associated Quiz
·       Chapter 6 & Chapter 20: Hunger (Quiz 7)
·       Chapter 7 & Chapter 14 (Quiz 8)                 (2 chapters on Quiz 8)
·       Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 (Quiz 9)                  (2 chapters on Quiz 8)
Assignment 2
Discussion 2
Due 1/16
Quiz 7

Quiz 8

Quiz 9
Assignment 2
Discussion 2
Quizzes 7-9, Assignment 2, D2: Due by 11:55 pm, Thursday, 1/16

Week Three
Assignment Block 3

Ends Thursday 1/23
Released by 11:55 pm on 1/17 and due 1/23, at 11:55 pm
Assigned Reading and Associated Quiz
·       Chapter 18, Chapter 10 (Vit C), Chapter 11 (Vit A), Chapter 12 (sodium, potassium, magnesium), Chapter 13 (Selenium) & Highlight 11 (Quiz 10)
·       Chapter 15 & Chapter 10 (folate) & Chapter 13 (iodine) (Quiz 11)
·       Chapter 16 & Ch 13 (iron, zinc, fluoride) (Quiz 12)
·       Chapter 17, Ch 11 (Vit D), Ch 12 (calcium), and HL 12 (Quiz 13)
·       Chapter 19 (Quiz 14)
Assignment 3
Discussion 3
Due 1/23

Quiz 10

Quiz 11

Quiz 12

Quiz 13
Quiz 14
Assignment 3
Discussion 3

Please note that Chapters 10-13 are integrated into the assigned learning, either with chapter reading OR as part of an assignment. 

Eat well, play fit and I look forward to "meeting" you all in class!
Gmail: nutritionrusso
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nutrition-with-Denise-Calafato-Russo-MS-RD-CGEI/209236099092535

Links to general orientation material follow:
West Valley Online Orientation (Please note that there may be some subtle changes to orientation information and that update information is available in the syllabus and within the class.)

Orientation, Part 1, Introduction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwk60s0LqJM

Orientation, Part 2, Quizzes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6xZyAVikUY&feature=related

Orientation, Part 3, Discussion: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=h5C3HJLH700&feature=related

Orientation, Part 4, Assignments: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=lKuS9VDddcI&feature=related

Orientation, Part 5, Communication: http://www.youtube.com/watchv=kH0B2zn1V6M&feature=related

Friday, October 18, 2013

Late Start at West Valley begins 10/21

The late start nutrition class is currently full with a fairly full wait-list. Classroom set-up is occurring this week and we will be ready to go with all content by 3 pm on Monday. Enrolled students need to email me by Sunday evening to confirm participation in the class. Waitlisted students need to email me to request an add code during the first week. I am not sure how many students I will be able to add but historically I can add several students off of the waitlist.

This 8 week course covers all of the same material as the 16 week course and meets the same transfer agreements. As such, you can anticipate that each week of class will cover 2 weeks worth of material. Please plan accordingly. This class is reading intensive and also uses videos on the internet to supplement education. You will complete a self-nutrient analysis and answer many questions/meal plan around your personal intake. The syllabus has not yet been posted but the tentative plan follows this post. In addition, there are some orientation videos available that will help you with basic navigation. Those videos are designed for the 16 week course and there may be some discrepancies between what you are required to complete so please follow our course syllabus.

Between now and class start, I do suggest ordering the book. Check the price at the West Valley bookstore (and have it in your hand immediately). Or, check the price on the link in my sidebar. That is a publisher discount and it is usually the least expensive way to purchase both of the items. If you do purchase online, please make sure to download the chapters during the 1 week that they make the book available to you as the shipped book does not always arrive in a timely fashion. I speak from experience. :)

I look forward to "meeting" all of you in our virtual class. Please email me if you have further questions.
Eat well, play fit,
Denise C. Russo, MS RD CGEI

Week (Starts Tues)
Assigned Reading, Associated Quizzes & Assignments
Due Date
Week 1: 8/27

Assignment Block 1
Topic: Welcome to Class
·   Read Syllabus (Quiz 1 Intro)
·   Assignment 1: released
·   Discussion 1: D1 (Introduction post, post weekly)
·   Take time to explore orientation videos, assignments, syllabus, reports and all class components.
·   Register Diet Analysis Plus (see Lessons folder)
Due: 9/3
Quiz 1
D1: Intro post

Week 2:  9/3
Topic: An Overview Of Nutrition
·   Chapter 1 & Highlight 10 (Quiz 2)
·   Discussion 2:  D2 (post weekly)
·   Begin 5 day food record (used for various Assignments)
Due: 9/10
Quiz 2
D2 post
Week 3: 9/10
Topic: Meal Planning
·   Chapter 2, Chapter 10 (B12, only) & Highlight 13 (Quiz 3)
·   Analyze 5 day food record using Diet Analysis Plus
·   Discussion 3: D3 (post weekly)
Due : 9/17
Quiz 3
D3 post

Week 4: 9/17
Topic: Digestion
·   Chapter 3 and Appendix B, covalent bonding (Quiz 4)
·   Discussion 4: D4 (post weekly)
·   Run Diet Analysis Reports and save
·  Submit answers for Assignment 1 (uses reports from Diet Analysis Plus)
Due: 9/24
Quiz 4
D4 post
Assignment 1

Week 5: 9/24

Assignment Block 2
Topic: Carbohydrates
·   Chapter 4 & Chapter 13 (chromium, only) (Quiz 5)
·   Discussion 5: D5 (post weekly)
·   Assignment 2: released
Due: 10/1
Quiz 5
D5 post

Week 6: 10/1
Topic: Lipids
·   Chapter 5 & Chapter 11 (Vit E, only) (Quiz 6)
·   Discussion 6: D6 (post weekly)
Due: 10/8
Quiz 6
D6 post
Week 7: 10/8
Topic: Protein & Malnutrition
·   Chapter 6 & Chapter 20 (Hunger & Malnutrition, only) (Quiz 7)
·   Discussion 7: D7 (post weekly)
Due: 10/15
Quiz 7
D7 post

Week 8: 10/15
Topic: Metabolism and Sports Nutrition
·   Chapter 7 & Chapter 14, all (Quiz 8)
·   Discussion 8: D8 (post weekly)
·   Assignment 2 due
Due: 10/22
Quiz 8
D8 closes
Assignment 2
Week 9: 10/22

Assignment Block 3
Topic: Energy Balance and Weight Control
·   Chapter 8 & Chapter 9, all (Quiz 9)
·   Discussion 9: D9 (post weekly)
·   Assignment 3: released
Due: 10/29
Quiz 9
D9 post

Week 10: 10/29
Topic: Nutrition and Health
·   Chapter 18, Chapter 10 (Vit C, only), Chapter 11 (Vit A and highlight, only), Chapter 12 (sodium, potassium, magnesium, only) and Chapter 13 (selenium, only) (Quiz 10)
·   Discussion 10: D10 (post weekly)
Due: 11/5
Quiz 10
D10 post

Week 11: 11/5
Topic: Nutrition and Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
·   Chapter 15, Chapter 10 (folate, only) & Chapter 13 (iodine, only) (Quiz 11)
·   Discussion 11: D11 (post weekly)
Due: 11/12
Quiz 11
D11 post

Week 12: 11/12
Topic: Nutrition and Childhood
·   Chapter 16 & Chapter 13 (iron, zinc, fluoride, only) (Quiz 12)
·   Discussion 12: D12 (post weekly)
·   Assignment 3 due
Due: 11/19
Quiz 12
D12 closes
Assignment 3
Week 13: 11/19

Assignment Block 4
Topic: Nutrition and Older Adults
·   Chapter 17, Chapter 11 (Vitamin D, only), Chapter 12 (calcium and highlight) (Quiz 13)
·   Discussion 13: D13 (post weekly)
·   Assignment 4: released
Due: 11/26
Quiz 13
D13 post

Week 14: 11/26
Topic: Vitamins and Minerals (use this info for Assignment 4)
·   Chapter 10 (overview, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, B6, choline and interactions)
·    Chapter 11 (vitamin K and summary, only)
·   Chapter 12 (water, overview, chloride, phosphorus, sulfate)
·   Chapter 13 (overview, copper, manganese, molybdenum and contaminants)
·   Linus Pauling Institute (see chapter outlines)
·   Discussion 14: D14 (post weekly)
Due: 12/3
D14 post

No quiz due this week but Assignment 4 and D15 post due next Saturday
Week 15: 12/3

Assignments due Saturday, 5/18
Topic: Food Safety
·   Please note changed due date for this week!!!!
·   Chapter 19 (Quiz 14, due date extended)
·   Discussion 15: D15 (post weekly)
·   Discussion 16: D16 (feedback, released early)
·   Submit answers for Assignment 4
Due: 12/7 (Saturday!)

D15 post
Assignment 4

Week 16: 12/10
Course Completion
·   Quiz 14 due by Thursday
·   Discussion 16: D16 (post weekly)
Due: 12/12 (Thursday!)
Quiz 14