Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fall 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope you all have enjoyed a wonderful break and are ready to learn with minds open and questions forming. Most of the information that you need to know about your class will be made available to you the first day of school and is also available on the syllabus (posted in our classroom in Canvas, our colleges Learning Management System). This blog will provide you with some key information for getting started (and also lists office hours, textbook, etc in the sidebar).

This semester, I will be teaching 2 face-to-face classes and 1 online class at Cabrillo and 2 online classes at West Valley (including the Sports Nutrition class). Please, when you communicate with me, let me know which college and which class you are in (you can tell me the start time or the section number).

Cabrillo Students:
Cabrillo online students have an optional orientation on Monday, 8/29in room 405 at 7 pm. At this time, I confirm attendance and drop all no-shows, to make room for waitlisted students and those attempting to crash. The online class is full with a full waitlist so if you are unable to attend the orientation, reach out to me by email before our orientation. Waitlisted students should still attend as codes will go to those who are showing an intent to participate by attending orientation. (Email me if you have a conflict.)
Cabrillo cace-to-face students will get started  Tuesday morning, at either 11:10 or 12:40. Missing the first day results in your being dropped from class and your spot given to another student. Please email me if you are unable to attend but plan to participate.

West Valley Students:
West Valley online students do NOT have an on-campus orientation. I will provide you with orientation material virtually as our class begins. The Canvas LMS is new to West Valley this semester but the transition last year at Cabrillo was very smooth. I anticipate that you will have no problems with this adjustment.

The past few years I have been using a more interactive book, available at a price that is less than my previous book, but without a free version as an option. If you are interested in owning JUST the electronic version ($85), I will provide that code to you in email, on Canvas and on the syllabus. If you wish to purchase the softbound book, in edition to the e-version, you can either do that through the link that I supply (once you have purchased the e-book) or in the bookstore. The price for that varies, based on whether you purchase in the book store on via the link. Adding the softbound book via the McGraw Hill website (the link that I provide) will be less expensive than the bookstore. Keep in mind, that purchases from the bookstore have a mark-up so the least expensive option is going to be purchasing through the link that I provide.

For face-to-face students (F2F), in the past I have made the course reader (all of my powerpoint slides) available via Aptos Print Smith, in a book. In an effort to reduce costs, I will be posting those outlines as PDFs in our classroom in Canvas.

Nutrition is a science-based class. Although there is no science prerequisite for the course, you will be required to learn some basic, scientific principles as part of your learning. You will learn about how the foods we eat affect our bodies, exploring the nutrients individually and in the context of overall diet. All classes will have assigned an adaptive learning tool for each chapter (Learn Smart) which "encourages" (requires) reading of the book. Online learners will complete weekly quizzes, discussions and 2 projects/assignments (one being a nutrient analysis, the other a small group assignment).  Face-to-face learners will have 2 written exams, 5-10 pop quizzes, in class activities and 2 assignments (one being a nutrient analysis). Online learners will do most of their learning through the reading of the book and viewing of video lectures on the discussion board. Face-to-face students will do most of their learning via the reading of the book and attending lecture. Overwhelmingly, students review my class as challenging yet very interesting and with a lot of support and enthusiasm from the instructor. In other words, you will work hard but I will provide you with the tools needed and help you (if you ask), as much as possible. And, you will learn information that you can apply to your life.

I hope this answers some of your "getting started" questions. More information will be available the first day of school. You are welcome to email my nutritionrusso account too (it's at gmail, in case you don't already have it).

Eat well, play fit,