Wednesday, August 1, 2007

On-Line Classes

Cabrillo Students: The online Fall nutrition course begins September 4th. Please attend the mandatory orientation at 7 pm on Thursday, September 6th, in room 425. Students who do not attend the orientation, without making prior arrangements, will be dropped from this class. Once school starts (September 4th), you can email me from within Web-CT (see side-bar for link).

West Valley Students: There is currently no orientation scheduled. You must ALL email me on August 27th to confirm your participation in the class or you risk being dropped from the course. You can email me within Angel Learning (check side-bar for link).

Please, all students in the online course, communicate with me via the email in our virtual classroom (WebCT for Cabrillo or Angel for West Valley) once the semester has begun.

IMPORTANT!!!! All online students must make contact with me the first day of class or you risk being dropped. The online classes are full, with long wait-lists and I must drop "no-shows" to make room for students who will be participating.

Thank you:)

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