Thursday, December 1, 2011

Winter Session at West Valley

West Valley:
NS15 Online. Class start January 3rd. There is no face-to-face orientation scheduled, however you must read the entire syllabus to better understand how to navigate in the class. In addition, there is an online orientation, posted on youtube, see below. All enrolled students must email between January 1st and January 3rd, within Angel, to confirm their spot in the class. Students who do not make contact with me during that time will be dropped from the class to make room for those wishing to add. In addition, please make sure that your email address is up-to-date with the college as I will email all students on my class roster the week of December 26th. Students who would like to add should also email me to request an add code. Adds will be completed, based on number of drops, but Tuesday, January 4th. My gmail address is nutritionrusso but emails to my West Valley address should redirect to the gmail account. Textbooks should be purchased at the bookstore as they have a discounted rate for Understanding Nutrition, 12th ed bundled with Diet Analysis Plus, both of which are required. Please see sidebar for Textbook information, or previous post. Information about Spring classes will be posted by mid-January.

West Valley Online Orientation
Orientation, Part 1, Introduction:
Orientation, Part 2, Quizzes:
Orientation, Part 3, Discussion:
Orientation, Part 4, Assignments:
Orientation, Part 5, Communication:

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