Sunday, January 9, 2011

Countdown To Start of School on 1/31 (West Valley) or 2/7 (Cabrillo)!

This post provides information to both online and face-to-face students regarding class placement. If you are enrolled, wait-listed or trying to add, you should read the information that pertains to you. Students will be dropped to accommodate the students on the full waitlist and/or other students trying to add.

Important Information for Online Learners:
Cabrillo College Students:
A face-to-face orientation is scheduled for Monday, 2/7, 6-9 pm in room 450. If you are enrolled and unable to attend this orientation, you must email me, within Blackboard, before 5 pm on 2/7, or you will be dropped from the class and a student added into your spot. If you are trying to add this course, please attend the orientation. If you are waitlisted or trying to add, please plan on attending orientation as if I have any room to add, I will add those in attendance first. You should also email to me a request to be added.

West Valley Students
have a virtual orientation at All enrolled students must confirm their intent to participate in class, via email, by Monday, January 31st at 5 pm or they will be dropped from the course to make room for a wait listed student. Waitlisted and other students hoping to add should send me an email by Monday, 1/31. Once I determine which students need to be dropped, I will provide add-codes as space allows.

Enrolled and wait-listed online students will receive an email from me with further instructions during the week before school starts. If you do not receive this email by the Sunday before your class starts, please send one to me using the appropriate school directory to locate my email address. Make sure you include a subject or you will most likely end up in junk mail.

Face-to-face (lecture) students must attend the first day of class to avoid being dropped. Space in ALL classes is very competitive and any student (online or face-t0-face) will lose their spot in class if they do not attend the first day of class. If you are on the waitlist or trying to add, you must still attend the first day of class. Add codes will not be given until the 2nd week of school.

Please note that all students will be given directions on how to use an application called Diet Analysis Plus, however you may opt for using free apps at and This will require a bit more work on your part, but will save you the cost of the Diet Analysis application. I look forward to meeting all of you on Monday, either face-t0-face, or virtually.

Please explore this blog for more information regarding textbooks, class log-in, etc.

Eat well, stay fit, Denise

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