Sunday, May 31, 2015

Course eBook: This course uses an ebook that requires registering into a Connect Plus account that you create. The fee for this is $85 (and if you want a paper copy of the book, you can add that after your initial enrollment for $15). All students will need this in order to complete the adaptive learning assignments (Learn Smart) and quizzes. There is a link that is individual to EACH course, so please select the one that corresponds to the class for which you are registered. I will also send these out via email the week before class starts. To delay paying, you can use a 2 week free trial but you will have to pay to complete the class. If you are in anyway not sure if you are going to be successful in this intensive, 4-week course, perhaps try the trial as there are no refunds. There is not hard copy of the book available at the bookstore since you do need to purchase the Connect Plus access. The book title is Perspectives in Nutrition: A Functional Approach, 1st ed by Byrd-Bredbenner.

Cabrillo 6/15 class

Cabrillo 6/22 class

West Valley classes (both)

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