Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome Back Students!

West Valley classes are underway and, in an unusual turn of events, still have class openings. I can add anyone to that class, at this point. Both the West Valley and Cabrillo classes have the same CSU and UC articulation agreements and work for the same nursing school programs, to the best of my knowledge. If you are a student at another college who really wants to take nutrition online this semester, I encourage you to contact me about an add code at West Valley. There is plenty of time to complete the assigned work and you can just send your transcripts to your other school and it will be counted towards your graduation and/or GE requirements.

Cabrillo returns to school on Tuesday, after the holiday and all students should have received an email from me in regards to getting started. If you are not enrolled or waitlisted and are interested in adding, use my college based email to contact me and I can further direct you.

Eat well, play fit,
Denise C. Russo, MS RD CGEI

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