Saturday, August 13, 2011

Textbook Update

Please make sure that you read the previous Fall, 2011 post for more information about Fall classes.
This is important information about the textbook. I have arranged with the bookstores (West Valley and Cabrillo) to offer the textbook, new, bundled with the REQUIRED Diet Analysis Plus at a discounted price, between $120-130. That is the price for both items. Please make sure, if shopping for lower cost items, that you take into account the fact that you need BOTH the Understanding Nutrition, 12th edition and Diet Analysis Plus 10.0. Bundled together, these will cost you between $120-$130 at the school bookstore. Separately, the best price I have seen for Diet Analysis Plus, purchased separately, is ~$35. So, if you are purchasing Understanding Nutrition for a reduced price, PLEASE factor in that you will need to spend the extra money on the Diet Analysis Plus application. I encourage you to use any source available to save money on the book. If the bookstores run out of the bundled option, please let me know and the publisher will provide us with an alternative method for purchasing the bundle at a reduced price.

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