Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer and Fall, 2010
This summer, I will only be teaching one section of Nutrition and that is at West Valley (NS15). Something about a state budget and not being able to offer as many sections as were offered in the past, I hear.
All enrolled students will have access to Angel on the day that school starts, June 21st. I, unfortunately, have jury duty that day so will not be logging into class until early evening. If you are enrolled, you must email me within our class (in Angel) to confirm your spot in the class on Monday the 21st by 5 pm. Otherwise, I will give you spot to a waitlisted student. We have just as many students waitlisted as are enrolled. Since the course is only 4 weeks long, I must give your spot away after the first day if I have not received confirmation from you.
Waitlisted and other students hoping to add will need to email me on Tuesday morning to see if there is room. If I am still on Jury Duty, I will respond Tuesday evening, but my hope is to respond during the morning or afternoon.
Information about textbooks (same as last semester) and logging into Angel can be found on this page by scrolling down to the previous post and looking at the sidebar to the right.
This blog will be updated in August with information about the Fall semester.
Eat well, stay fit,

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