Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14th, 2008
Fall Semester:

Fall classes for the 2008 semester are filling up, particularly the online sections. The same process from summer (please read below) applies to orientation for the online and the hybrid (Cabrillo) course. Students who do not attend orientation and who have not confirmed their spot in class will be dropped to make room for the students who are trying to add. Please note the mandatory orientation dates. Also, note that, for Cabrillo College, one course is an online course and the other course, which presents like a night course, is actually a "hybrid" and meets every-other week in the classroom, with the remainder of the work conducted in the virtual classroom. This format should meet the need of those students who are either new to the online format or not organized enough to meet pre-set due dates without some sort of face-to-face reminder/check-in. It should meet the need of students who prefer or require online classes but comment "that I should have taken this course in a classroom because I had so many questions I wanted answered."
Fall Orientation for Online/Hybrid Classes at Cabrillo is on Monday, September 8th at 6pm in room 435. Coursework will begin the week before the orientation so you must email me and log into class by September 2nd.
Orientation for West Valley is on Thursday, September 4th at 4 or 5:30 pm, in room PE5. You can begin coursework on Tuesday, September 2nd.

In regards to the textbook, please see the sidebar for requirements. If you order early enough, you can find it online for a reduced cost but, particularly in the online class, you will need to have the book by the beginning of class. Also, several students during the summer had difficulty with the Diet Analysis Plus CD, so I highly recommend purchasing the Internet Passcode.
If you have further questions, please do email me at the posted email addresses and I will respond from my personal gmail account.

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