Thursday, February 7, 2008

Status Report

Students and Prospective Students,
My West Valley College classes are full. My Cabrillo classes are also currently full, but I am usually able to add some students, particularly into my lecture classes. If you are interested in adding a lecture section, please come to the first day of class. If you are interested in adding the online course at Cabrillo, please attend the mandatory orientation on Monday night (info in sidebar). I will drop all students who do not attend that orientation (unless other arrangements have been made) and will then add, from the wait list first, until all spots are full. If, at that time, there are any openings, I will add any remaining students that I can using a random process (ie: drawing names from a hat). If you are unable to add into an online course, I believe both campuses will be offering an online class over the summer.
Eat well, stay fit and keep learning.
Denise Calafato Russo, MS RD CDE

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